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  • Sat, 22:43: To have lived before, and there after

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  • Sat, 17:15: Clearing weeds around their tombstones. The regoodbyes and regoodbyes...

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Life is a sequential series of stubbornness, humbling, satiation and envy.

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  • Sat, 22:13: You must be really something to make Nasi Goreng taste like that.

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Wings of will

When the sun is too bright to stare, I look to you, your face illuminating

These freckles I carry on my face, are the constellations of our stories

When our moons are polar opposites, we still revolve around gravity

These orbits so predictable, I'm safe, always know where to fall

Under our sky of dreams, we feel almost too small

Sometimes we run from lightning bolts

Or cover our ears when it's too loud to hear

But you always look the same, handsome and confident

The stars Brialle the night, your words to me, some times lost and found

The atmosphere holds me in, wraps me in oxygen and breeze, so protected, so protective

These celestial doings, won't we abide

For the rest of our lives.

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  • Fri, 22:34: 奪到靈魂來世上,就為了聽好歌,吃甜點,看電影,讀漫畫,交密友,談戀愛。

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獸醫先生, 無心無意

不死不活, 你也安樂我

在愛扮演自己, 讓我人性潮散



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A bad massage

wet swing

damp cotton candy

garden salad

vegetarian burger

cold English tea

soggy socks

heat rash

All that now, at the Viet Spa 20-minute complimentary head and neck massage.

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