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獸醫先生, 無心無意

不死不活, 你也安樂我

在愛扮演自己, 讓我人性潮散



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A bad massage

wet swing

damp cotton candy

garden salad

vegetarian burger

cold English tea

soggy socks

heat rash

All that now, at the Viet Spa 20-minute complimentary head and neck massage.

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The duality of weather

The noise slipping from behind the curtain was much more homogenize, refined and melodious. This could only mean one thing... deluge...I had wanted to hit the gym before I whizz off to the airport, but the moisture must have seeped into my bones. I feel them melting into bed.

Nonetheless, I must not disappoint myself and thy lover; Metal cell, here I come.

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I made some wilful decisions in my life, and few I was happy for.

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When you know it's time to go

When he does not respect you When you feel like you have to fight for your very existence.

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To sit and write

I have not been writing for a long time.

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Back from the dead

Our love had not outlast an hourglass.

When we dropped our uniforms, I realized your heart has long AWOL. But

I knew. I knew the moment this love was born. But

The rust came faster than I could repaint the cracks. But

Your gym instructor came and taught me how to work my pecs, said I've been doing it wrong the whole time. But

I've never dreamed of this. That you'll push me free. And now I run, not fly. But

I forgot my running shoes, and you won't let me get them; Like that time. But

I see I've been dead this whole time. But

When these hands dare to let it go free, then my love came back to me.

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The Canals

Life is but a dream.

The atmosphere around the canal was warm and stuffy. The still air felt almost like small styrofoam beads, and I was wading through it. Though lanterns, lights, LEDs fenced both sides of the quiet stream, the dark did the canalwalk very little justice.

My body felt like a herd of sheeps without a shepard. My motivation was in disconcert with my body to trudge further.

What a meh walk to forget.